LunchClick: Be single no more with this Singaporean non-cheesy dating app

Love me Tinder…….or not. If you’ve swiped left on every potential date in Singapore, you might be looking for love in the wrong places. If you think Tinder is still the only dating app out there, you thought wrong. LunchClick, a new dating app developed by Lunch Actually, the biggest dating agency in Southeast Asia is here to help singles in the city find true love.

Singaporean App LunchClick Encourages Offline Dating

The Lunch Actually Group have announced the launch of new dating app LunchClick, which encourages singles to stop swiping and start meeting offline.

LunchClick provides users with one match at noon each day – the matched pair have 24 hours to accept the match, and if accepted, they can interact with each other through a question and answer session.

Every user is certified through Facebook, and Singaporean users are required to input their NRIC to verify their marital status.

It’s a perpetual problem that many singles on dating apps face: while there’re matches aplenty, it’s rare to find someone who’s looking for a meaningful, committed relationship. And judging from anecdotal evidence, the likelihood of drowning beneath a sea of thinly-veiled hookup requests if you’re a woman is far higher.

Enter Singapore’s first female-centric dating app, LunchClick. Just launched today by local matchmaking expert Violet Lim, LunchClick promises to deliver a safe, effective dating experience for those looking for a serious relationship.

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